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Many people use MailerLite for their email lists. If you’d like to give your visitors a way to subscribe to your MailerLite list on your site, you can use the subscriber popup form.

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Step One: Create a Popup in MailerLite

In order to use the MailerLite subscriber popup on your site, you need a MailerLite account.

Once you set up a new mailing list there, create a subscriber popup following the steps described in this article.

MailerLite Popups Forms

After creating the popup, go to Forms in your MailerLite account and toggle the form from “Paused” to “Active” as shown below:

Mailerlite Popup - Active Toggle
Ensure your popup is set to ‘active’

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Step Two: Add the Popup to Your Site

On your site, go to My Sites → Customize and choose any widget area. Click Add a widget and search for the “MailerLite subscriber popup” widget.

The Mailerlite subscriber popup widget

Learn more about how to insert a widget.

You can choose any widget area here, because the popup will show over the site regardless. Once you insert the widget onto your site, you need to configure it.

You will need 2 values:

  • Your account ID
  • The UUID

Both of those values come from MailerLite “JavaScript tracking snippet” field:

Click this image to expand to view full size.

Copy those values into your widget:

And you are all set!

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