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As a WordPress.com user, you can opt-in to enabling an Internet Defense League support banner or badge on your blog by adding a widget to your sidebar.

The widget, “Internet Defense League,” has options to choose between the banner or badge and an option to display just the banner or badge or all current and future protests.


  • Which Internet Defense League campaign do you want to participate in?
    • All Current and Future Campaigns – will default to your style of badge (below) unless there is a current campaign, in which case it will display a message concerning the current campaign.
    • None, Just Display the Badge Please – will always display the badge.
  • How do you want to promote the campaign? Note: this governs how a campaign will be promoted; if there is no campaign, only the style badge you select will display (below)
    • Banner at the Top of My Site – will display a banner at the top of your site with a message regarding the campaign.
    • Modal Box (overlay) – will display an overlay box over the top of your site that users will need to click through (only appears during a current campaign).
  • What badge should this widget display? This is the style of badge that will display by default whenever there is no campaign running (or all the time if you opt out of current and future campaigns)
    • Shield Badge
  • Super Badge
  • Red Cat Badge
  • Don’t Display a Badge, Just the Campaign – this will only show something during a current campaign (either a banner or modal box, depending on the option selected above).

Read more about the Internet Defense League at their site: http://www.internetdefenseleague.org/

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