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What is the Flickr Widget?
Configuring the Widget
Obtaining Your Flickr RSS URL

What is the Flickr Widget?

The Flickr widget allows you to show thumbnails of your latest Flickr photos in any of your widget areas.

Here’s an example of what it looks like as a sidebar:

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Configuring the Widget

Your photos must be viewable by the public for the widget to work on your blog. Be sure to check your Flickr privacy settings before activating this widget.

  • To add the widget to your site, go to My Sites → Design→ Customize → Widgets.
  • Select the location you’d like to place the widget on your site (either a footer or sidebar location).
  • Click on the Add a Widget button.
  • Type “Flickr” into the search bar and click on the Flickr widget to add it to your site.

You’ll then see the widget settings:

  • Title: Sets the title to be shown above the photos (e.g., My Flickr Photos, Recent Snapshots).
  • Flickr RSS URL: The RSS feed link that will display your photos. See the section below for steps on how to acquire this link.
  • How many photos would you like to display?: You can display anywhere from 1 to 10 photos.
  • What size photos would you like to display?: Choose between Thumbnail (smallest), Medium, or Large.

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Obtaining Your Flickr RSS URL

To get the Flickr RSS URL that will display your photos:

  • Go to your Flickr Photostream
  • Note the Photostream’s URL at the top of your browser. Add “?details=1” to the URL (without quotes) and hit enter to load the page.
  • On the bottom of the next page, find where it says “Subscribe to [your username’s] photostream” and select Latest.
  • A new page should load showing the XML file for your RSS feed (it looks like a lot of text). Copy the URL from your browser window.
  • This is your Flickr RSS URL. Paste this URL into the Flickr RSS URL section in the widget to display your photos.
  • Make sure to select Publish in the customizer to save the changes.

It is not possible to use a feed for a particular tag or album at this time.

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