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If you want to add a sidebar widget, button, or badge from another service that won’t work here on WordPress.com, you can create your own similar widget:

  1. Find an image to represent the service or website you want to link to, download it, and upload it to your site.
  2. Use a Text widget or Image widget to display the image in your sidebar or footer.
  3. Link the image in the widget to the service or website.

Why doesn't my widget work?

Sometimes you might find a widget or badge for your blog that we don’t offer here on WordPress.com. The easiest way to use it is to copy the HTML for the widget and paste it into a plain Text widget. However, you might find that the code you’ve pasted into the widget is automatically stripped out when you save, and the widget doesn’t display.

This is likely because the code contains an iframe, Javascript, Flash, or some other type of code that’s stripped out on WordPress.com for security reasons.

If that happens, you can go back to the site that you got the widget from, and look for an alternate ‘plain HTML’ widget. If the service offers one, usually there will be some language along the lines of “Animated widget didn’t work? Try our HTML version.”

If the service does not offer a plain HTML widget, then you can easily create your own using a Text widget or Image widget.

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