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The Categories Widget organizes your posts by category in your blog’s sidebar. This can be handy for readers who want to find more of your posts about certain topics.

Here’s what it looks like when it’s activated on a blog sidebar:


Note: Only categories that are attached to posts will be displayed in the widget.

To add the widget to your site:

  1. In your dashboard, click on Appearance → Customize → Widgets.
  2. Choose the location where you’d like to place the widget on your site. Common options here include the Footer and Sidebar, but this may be different depending on your theme.
  3. Click either of the + block inserter buttons (see right) to see a list of all the available blocks and widgets.
  4. Scroll down to the Widgets section and click on the widget once to add it to your site.

For general information on working with widgets, see this guide.

The two + icon block inserter buttons are marked with arrows.
Block inserter buttons


To access the widget settings, click on the widget once and a toolbar of options will appear. Click the ellipses (three dots) and then select Show More Settings.

In the Categories settings, you have the following options:

Display as dropdown — Check this box to display the categories in a drop-down menu rather than as a list. This is handy if you want to save space or have a lot of categories.


Show hierarchy — If you have parent and child categories (subcategories within main categories) you can choose to display the hierarchy (pictured below) or just leave the list “flat,” without indicating which subcategories fit inside your main categories (pictured above). You can show category hierarchies with both the list and dropdown menu formats.


Show post counts — If this box is checked, the total number of published posts for that particular category will be displayed next to the link. You can show post counts with both the list and dropdown menu formats.


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Category Order

If you need to show your categories in a certain order, you can build a Custom Menu then add a Navigation Menu Widget instead.

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