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The Blogs I Follow Widget is an automated way to add a blogroll of sites that you follow via the WordPress.com Reader. It will list up to 50 blogs, starting with those you’ve most recently followed. (If you’d prefer to specify exactly what blogs display or would like to include non-WordPress.com site in your blogroll, use the Links widget instead.)

You can choose to display blogs as a list, or in a grid — here’s an example of what the grid view looks like:

In the grid view, we’ll include a little pop-up that shows the title and tagline of each blog when someone hovers over them. When other users view it (you won’t see them on your own blog), we’ll also show a Follow button so that people can immediately follow the blogs you’re following.

Once you add the widget to your sidebar from My Sites → Appearance → Customize→ Widgets, you’ll find these settings:

blogs i follow widget settings

Title – The title of your widget. (i.e. “I Love These Blogs!”)

Number of blogs to show – Enter the maximum number of blogs that you’d like to show here. Blogs are listed in reverse order, so when you follow something new, it will appear at the top of the list.

Display as – You can show your list as either a simple text list, or as a grid of images. If you select Grid, then we’ll try to load the site icon for each blog. If a blog doesn’t have an icon set, the WordPress.com logo will display.

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