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Note: The about.me widget is no longer available. If you’ve already configured this widget on your site, we recommend that you remove it. For a similar alternative, check out the Gravatar Profile Widget.

The About.me widget allows you to pull in your About.me profile information and a small screenshot of it.

Here’s an example of what it looks like:

about.me widget example

Once you add the widget to your sidebar in the Customizer, you’ll see the following widget settings:

  • Widget title – The title of your About.me profile block. (i.e. About Me, About the Author)
  • Your about.me URL – Enter your existing About.me URL. If you don’t have an About.me username, visit About.me to create one.
  • Photo – Choose whether your photo should display or not (you can change it in About.me settings).
  • Name – How big (or small) should your name be in the profile block.
  • Headline – Check this box to show your About.me headline.
  • Biography – Check this box to show the biography text you wrote in your About.me profile.
  • Apps – Check this box to show the connected social networks you have authorized on your About.me profile.

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