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Ustream.TV is a video-streaming service, and you can embed a stream into your site adding the [ustream] shortcode into a post or page.

Basic Usage

The most basic form of the shortcode requires only the ID parameter for a recorded video, or the ID and live parameters for a live-streaming video. They look like this:

Live stream: [ustream id="6540154" live="1"]

Recorded: [ustream id="40966344"]

You can add a shortcode to any page or post using a shortcode block.

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Finding the ID

To find the ID of a recorded video, you can open it on Ustream’s website and then look at the URL in your address bar. It will look something like The number at the end of the address (in this case, 40966344) is the ID of the video.

To find the ID of a stream, click on the Share link at the bottom of the stream’s video, and then click the “Copy to Clipboard” button. Then go back to your post or page on and paste the embed code into your page. You’ll see a part of it that looks like, and the number after /embed/ is the ID (in this case, 6540154). After you’ve found the ID, you can remove the code that you pasted in.

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Additional Parameters

You can also add additional parameters to customize the appearance:

  • width – defaults to 480 pixels
  • height – defaults to 296 pixels
  • live – defaults to 0
  • highlight – defaults to 0, only works with recorded videos
  • version – defaults to 3
  • hwaccel – hardware acceleration, defaults to 1

A more advanced shortcode would look something like:

[ustream id="6540154" live="1" width="600" height="370" hwaccel="1"]

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