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Embedding with a Shortcode

If you’d like to share a Hulu video, you’ll want to create a shortcode.

To do so, copy the URL or video ID from your web browser’s address bar while viewing the video.

Create the shortcode on a new post or page using one of the following formats. Be sure to replace the URL/video ID listed here with the URL or video ID of your video.



[hulu id=771496]

You can add a shortcode to any page or post using a shortcode block.

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Player Customization

Hulu facilitates a few more tricks to really customize your embedded video:

Video Size:
The default width and height of the embedded video is based off the content width of your theme. To change the size of the video player, for example to 300 pixels wide, use “width” in your shortcode, as follows:

[hulu width=300]

Playback start and end points:
Only want to play 15 seconds of a 22 minute clip? No problem! Just use start_time and end_time in your shortcode, like this:

[hulu start_time=50 end_time=65]

start_time and end_time are measured in seconds from the start of the video.

Thumbnail Image:
Have a particularly funny frame that you want displayed on the player before the video starts playing? Just use thumbnail_frame to specify the specific frame of video you want to display. Again, this is measured in seconds. Here – we’ll choose one with Kevin Smith making a funny face:

[hulu thumbnail_frame=48]

Here’s how those extra options display when we put them all together:

[hulu width=300 start_time=50 end_time=65 thumbnail_frame=48]

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Comment Embeds

You can also use a Hulu watch url or a full Hulu shortcode to embed videos in comments on any blog. Embed these the same way you embed videos in posts – either by pasting the url to the video right in the comment box, or using a shortcode.

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For information about troubleshooting Hulu embed links, take a look at our Troubleshooting Embed Links doc.

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