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Find a video on Flickr you would like to use on your blog. Copy the URL (or the video ID from the URL, which is the very last portion).

Note: Please make sure your flickr video is not “hidden from public searches”, or else it cannot be embedded.

Embedding with the URL

Copy and paste the URL directly into the Visual editor of your post or page.

We take care of the rest! You will be able to preview and play the video directly from the Visual Editor.

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Embedding with the shortcode

You can also use shortcode to embed the video into a  post or page. This will let you add additional options like specifying the height and width of the video.

Here’s an example of  how to use shortcode:

[flickr video=]


[flickr video=2402990826]

You can add a shortcode to any page or post using a shortcode block.

Publish the post or page, and the video will appear on your blog similar to the one below.

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Additional Options

To remove the text information shown at the beginning of the video, add show_info=no to the shortcode.
For example, [flickr video=2402990826 show_info=no] will give you: show_info=no%5D

To specify the width and height, add w=n (width) and h=n (height) to the shortcode.
For example, [flickr video=2402990826 w=200 h=150] will embed a video in 200 x 150 px. w=200 h=150]

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For information about troubleshooting Flickr Video embed links, take a look at our Troubleshooting Embed Links doc.

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