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You can display a Twitter Follow Button to make it easier for your readers to follow you on Twitter.

Simply copy and paste one of the following shortcodes into a post, page, or text widget. Be sure to use your own Twitter username in place of wordpressdotcom.

There are several ways to customize your Twitter Follow Button. You can:

Display a Follow Button and a link to your Twitter page:

[twitter-follow screen_name='wordpressdotcom']

Only display a Follow Button:

[twitter-follow screen_name='wordpressdotcom' show_screen_name='no']

Display a link to your Twitter page and a count of your Twitter followers:

[twitter-follow screen_name='wordpressdotcom' show_count='yes']

Change the color of your followers count with a HEX color code:

[twitter-follow screen_name='wordpressdotcom' show_count='yes' text_color='00ccff']

Change the color of your username link with a HEX color code:

[twitter-follow screen_name='wordpressdotcom' link_color='00ccff']

Display a grey button instead of a blue one:

[twitter-follow screen_name='wordpressdotcom' button_color='grey']

Use as many or as few of these options as you want. Note that the Twitter Follow Button also appears on Tweets embedded with Twitter Blackbird Pie, and you can even add it to the Twitter Widget in your sidebar.

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