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This guide is designed to help you build a simple website to advertise your house for sale.You can see the live demo site that was built using these instructions here. The demo has been built using the free plan. If there are a few more features  you’d like, such as a custom domain name, consider purchasing a plan.

For this demo, we chose the Twenty Fifteen theme to create a simple front page, and allow space for more information on the house in the sidebar along the left. You can choose a different theme and adapt the directions found below as needed, if you’d like.



Choosing a Theme

As you start creating your website, choose a theme to determine the general look and layout you prefer. For a site focused on selling your home, consider these points:

    1. Look for a theme that displays large photos nicely.
    2. Do you prefer a simple, clean look or something more complex?
    3. Would you like most or all of your of your content on the front page? Or will you space it out over various pages and blog posts?

In general, for a site like this it’s probably best to get as much information on your house as you can right on the front page.

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Create Your Front Page

To setup a Static Front Page, like on the demo, create a new page, add a title (the demo’s home page title is “House For Sale!”), then publish.

Next go to Customize > Homepage Settings. Select “A Static Page” then in the Homepage dropdown menu, select the new page you created earlier, and save. This sets your new page as the front page of your site and you should see it on your site now (instead of a blog post). This process is explained in more detail here (and with a helpful video), if needed.

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Editing Your Home Page

Next, let’s add some content to your home page so your visitors have something to look at when they arrive on your site! Open the new page you’ve just set as the front page (ours is called “House For Sale!”) to edit. One way to do to this is by going to to find it in the list and choosing edit.

Once you’ve opened the page to edit, to make your site like the demo:

On your site, you could also include the pricing details, a link to the official real estate listing, or any other information you want to share about your house. If you have a flyer with information on your house, you can upload a PDF into your Media Library and insert a link to it anywhere on your site.

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Adding Information to the Sidebar

If you’re using the Twenty Fifteen theme like the demo (or if the theme you picked has a sidebar or other widget areas), let’s add some content there too! On the demo, we used the home address (“55 Smith Street”) as the title. To add your details there, go to Customize > Site Identity and add your own Site Title and Tagline.

Next, we’ve included a Text Widget (the one titled “Welcome!”) for a nice spot to include some introductory text for anyone who lands on your site. Go to Customize > Widgets > Sidebar to add your own Text Widget, if you’d like.

Below that, to add your own Google Map to the house, go to Customize > Widgets > Sidebar again and add the Contact Info & Map Widget. Once you enter your own address there, the map will be created automatically. (We’ve left the phone and hours boxes blank, since those aren’t necessary in our case.)

Next we have a Contact Form in a Text Widget. First, setup the Contact Form on your Contact Page (see: Then copy the code from the page, and paste it into a Text Widget (again in Customize > Widgets > Sidebar).

After the Contact Form, we’ve embedded a Google Calendar in a Text Widget. This could be a great way to display Open House information, if you plan to have a few of those! See here for how to set it up. Alternatively, you could consider setting up an Upcoming Events Widget.

Are you using social media to promote your house? Add widgets for the accounts you’re using for this purpose, as needed. Here are some options: Facebook Page Plugin Widget, Instagram Widget, Twitter Timeline Widget, embed a Facebook post.

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