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Whether you want to share your ideas, start a business, or run a store, you can do it all on

No matter what type of website you’re creating, these five steps will give you a solid foundation from which your website can grow.

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Step One: Choose Your Identity

Choosing a name for your site is an important decision because it immediately tells visitors what your site is about. Once you decide on the perfect name, make it your Site Title in your Settings. You can add a catchy Tagline too!

By signing up, you already have a site address like but you can register your very own domain like Your domain is free for the first year with any plan!

Register a domain
Register any available domain at Upgrades → Domains

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Step Two: Design Your Homepage

To make a great first impression, think about the most important elements you want people to see when they first visit your site.

You can start with a blank page, or you can use one of our pre-built page layouts to create a beautiful homepage in seconds. You can load any of these gorgeous designs and then change, add, or remove any elements to make it your own!

Animated GIF showing page layouts
Choose from one of many beautiful Page Layouts

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Step Three: Create More Pages

Now it’s time to add more pages. The most common pages you’ll find on a website are an About page and a Contact page. Starting in your dashboard, go to Pages → Add New Page to get started.

When you created your homepage in Step Two, you had your first introduction to “blocks” — these are the building blocks of your website. You can use blocks to add virtually anything to your pages: images, galleries, columns, videos, payment buttons, and much more.


Any pages you “Publish” on your site will remain private as long as your site is not yet launched. You can go to your Settings and scroll down to Privacy to make sure your site is still private.

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Step Four: Set Up Your Menu

The menu is the list of links you see at the top of a website that readers can use to find their way around your site. You can now add the pages you created in Steps Two and Three. Get started by going to Appearance → Editor and adding a Navigation block.


Remember, the content needs to exist before you can add it to your menu. Make sure to create your pages first. Then you can add them to your menu!

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Step Five: Add Your Social Media Presence

If you have a social media presence, your website is the perfect place to promote it. It’s common to see social media icons similar to this:

You can add these icons to your site’s menu using the Social Links block. All major social media services are supported!

If you have completed those five steps, you have a solid foundation for your website. If you are ready to share it with the world, go ahead and launch it!


Here are some optional steps you may wish to do next:

  • Add a Logo to your site at Appearance → Customize → Site Identity.
  • Browse different themes at Appearance → Themes to give your site a different look.
  • Manage where comments and likes show on your site.

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