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Transfer a Site to Another Account

You can transfer ownership of a site or blog to another account by following the steps in this guide.

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For Sites Without Plugins

Before you Begin

Keep in mind that:

Start the Transfer

Select your profile picture in the top right corner of your dashboard, then select Manage Blogs. Alternatively, you can open the My Blogs page here

Hover your mouse over the site you would like to transfer and select the Transfer Blog link that appears. You will only see the option to transfer a site if you own it:

Transfer Blog option in My Blogs
Hover over the site and Transfer Blog will appear

Carefully read the warning message that appears on the next screen. If you wish to continue with the transfer, check the boxes to confirm and proceed:

Warning before confirming the site transfer
Read the warning and confirm the transfer to proceed. (Select to enlarge)

In the box that appears, enter the username or email address of the account you wish to transfer the site to, then select Transfer Blog. These instructions apply to both sites and blogs.

Entering the username or email address of the recipient
Enter the username or email address of the new owner
Confirm the Transfer

You will be sent a transfer confirmation email to the email address associated with your account. To proceed with the transfer, follow the link in the email. The site will be transferred to the new owner, along with any upgrades you purchased for this site.

The transfer will be completed once you follow the confirmation link in the email. You’ll be taken back to the My Blogs page with this confirmation message:

Site or blog transfer complete message
You will see this message if the transfer was successful

The new owner will also receive a confirmation email:

New site owner confirmation emaik screenshot
Email received by the new owner

For Plugin-Enabled Sites

If your site has plugins or custom themes installed, you won’t have access to the settings shown in this guide. Instead, please transfer the domain(s) first and then contact us to move the site to the new owner for you.

Update the Domain Contact Details

Domain owners are required to provide current and valid contact information. After transferring the domain, please remind the new owner to update their domain contact information.

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