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You can manage your Search Engine Optimization, Related Posts content, Google Analytics, and Site Verification Services through Traffic.

To access the Traffic section of your account, click on My Site(s) → Tools → Marketing.


The Traffic tab holds some additional settings for advanced SEO control over your site. While has great SEO built in, you can tweak these settings for even more control over your site.

Related Posts
The Related Posts feature pulls relevant content from your blog to display at the bottom of your posts.

Related Posts Settings

More details about this feature and its settings can be found on the Related Posts support page.

Site Verification Services
If’s stats leave you wanting more, try out the various webmaster toolsintegrations that we offer. You’ll be able to submit sitemaps and your site’s URL directly to search engines for indexing, learn what search queries are bringing traffic to your site, how your site generally ranks for various search terms, and more. For detailed instructions on verifying your site, read our step-by-step instructions here.

XML Sitemap
Sitemaps are specially-formatted pages that let search engines know what pages exist on your site, and where to locate them. After you’ve verified your site on Google, Bing, or Yandex’s webmaster tools platforms, you can submit your sitemap to those services so that search engines can easily find all the pages on your site.

If you believe our built-in statistics are not enough, you can add your Google Analytics tracking code by upgrade to the Premium plan. Note that stats and Google Analytics use different methods to identify and track activity on your site, so they will normally show slightly different totals for your visits, views, etc.


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