Tax calculations in a Store are provided by a third party service, TaxJar. In order to calculate sales tax, TaxJar needs to have the cost of the order, your address, and your customer’s address. TaxJar retains this information in their logs for up to 60 days, and it will be treated in accordance with TaxJar’s Privacy Policy.

If you aren’t comfortable with sharing this data with TaxJar, please disable tax calculations in your store. You can find this setting in My Site -> Store -> Settings -> Taxes.

Please note that you are responsible for all taxes and fees associated with your Store. You must collect, report, and/or pay the correct amounts to the appropriate authorities, if applicable, and if needed, inform your customers about any taxes they may be required to pay and issue appropriate invoices. This is true if you use TaxJar or calculate your own taxes.

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