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To add a new product, you can click on either the “Add” button next to Products in the left sidebar, or the “Add a product” button at the top right of the Store dashboard:

When adding or editing a product, there are a number of fields to track the details of the product:

  • Product name: the name of the product.
  • SKU: the Stock Keeping Unit (SKU), which is used to track inventory in your store. This should be unique for each product.
  • Description: a detailed description of the product.
  • Images: a single image or an image gallery for the product can be added.

  • Additional details:
    • Type: an attribute related to the product that does not relate to a variation of the product, and remains constant for all product items.
    • Values: the terms of the given attribute.

  • Category: Just like post categories, product categories allow products in the store to be classified using a category taxonomy.
  • Featured: By enabling this toggle, the product will be promoted across the entire store, if your theme supports a store-wide banner.

  • Price: the cost of the product.
  • Dimensions: the length, width and height of the product, in the specified units.
  • Weight: the weight of the product in the specified units.

Note: the store units can be changed in the Shipping Settings.

If the product is variable on one or more attributes (e.g. a shirt that varies on size and/or color), you will be able to enable/toggle the option that the product has variations.

  • Variation type: an attribute related to the product that varies for different product items.
  • Values: the terms of the given attribute, where each term creates a different variation of the product.

A combination of all possible variations are created based on the number of values for each variation type. For example, a product with 2 variation types, where each type has 3 values, a matrix of 9 variations will be created.

  • Inventory: the quantity of a particular variation in stock.
  • Price: the price of a particular variation.
  • Dimensions & weight: the length, width, height and weight of a particular variation.
  • Image: By default, if a variation image is not set, the product’s featured image will be displayed. If you would like individual variations to have their own image, you can set that by clicking on the icon:

Note: inventory, price, dimensions and/or weight values for all variations can be changed/set in bulk by filling in a value at the top of the grid in the line for “All variations”. Individual variation values can be edited after a bulk change has been applied. However, modifying the bulk value will overwrite any individual variation values.

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