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I can’t get to my site! Is’s server down?

Probably not. runs on thousands of servers located in several separate data centers in different parts of the US and around the world. We’re not perfect and we do occasionally experience problems, but our network is designed so that sites continue working even when servers or parts of the network fail. Outages are rare and brief.

If you’re curious, you can always check on our current performance and availability status.

On the other hand, the Internet is made up of many thousands of networks all linked together. It’s quite possible that there’s a problem with one of those networks somewhere between you and, that is stopping you from reaching our servers. Here’s a quick way to check:

Is down for everyone or just me?

If there is ever a major outage or any scheduled maintenance it will be posted at

You can also view a real-time traffic map of our data centers.

If your site is down, read Why is my Site Down? for solutions.

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