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Writing Settings in the WP Admin Dashboard

The Writings Settings control your WordPress writing experience. You can find the Writing Settings under Settings  Writing in the WP Admin dashboard.

Writing Settings - WP Admin Dashboard

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Writing Settings

Formatting has two options. The first option will allow you to type emoticon symbols like the smiley face when you are writing. If this option is checked, the symbols will be converted into a graphical emoticon.

If the second option is enabled, WordPress will fix any of your invalid XHTML code. Invalid XHTML code can cause problems with your layout, so this is a good option to turn on.


The Default Post Category lets you select the category to be applied to a post if you forget to assign categories before publishing. Learn more about categories here.


The Default Post Format lets you select the post format to be applied to a post if you forget to pick a post format before publishing. Learn more about post formats here.

Note: The Default Post Format setting will only show up if your theme supports post formats.


The Default Link Category is similar to the previous settings but is for your links.
Learn more about links here.


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Press This

Press This provides a lightning-fast way to grab text, images, or video from any website and post it to your blog without ever visiting

For more information on using Press This please check out this support doc.

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Post by Email

Post by Email is a way of publishing posts on your blog by email. Any email client can be used to send the email, allowing you to publish quickly and easily from devices such as cell phones.

For more information on using Post by Email please check out this support doc.

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Your Custom Content Types

See our guides on working with Portfolios or Testimonials for more information.

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