Download links are great, but embedding and publishing an actual document into a post or page may be much more valuable to you and your readers.

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Do you want to embed a PDF file quickly and easily? See Embedding a PDF File.

Using Scribd

To get started, first create a Scribd account at Scribd offers a 30-day free trial when you sign up. You do not need to be a paying member to access the document upload features. 

You can then continue with the following steps:

  1. Once you have created and activated your account, log in and click on the Upload button in your navigation.
  2. Select the file or files you would like to upload, or drag them into the upload window.
    Note: Scribd suggests that uploads should be 75MB or smaller to be able to embed them. If your file is larger, you will have to optimize the document so that it is less than 75MB. Scribd: Uploading a new document
  3. When the upload is complete a screen will appear where you can change options for the document. You must include a title and description.
  4. When you’ve added the details, click Save & Continue in the bottom right corner, and you’ll be given some sharing options. Choose Embed.
  5. Underneath the embed window, click the WordPress option and copy the resulting shortcode:
    Embed option
  6. Paste that shortcode into the editor for any post or page. If you are using the block editor, you can add a shortcode to any page or post using a shortcode block.

The embed will look like this in your post or page:

View this document on Scribd

You can embed any Scribd document in the same way, including Scribd documents you did not upload. Click Share on social networks→Embed→WordPress and copy the WordPress-specific code.


If you are experiencing any problems when uploading or managing your documents on Scribd, please contact Scribd Support.

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