Safari needs your permission to connect with WordPress.com

Why do I see this banner when I visit some WordPress.com websites?

Recent versions of Safari added a feature called “Prevent cross-site tracking” to prevent websites from tracking you when you visit other sites on the web. You can read more about the technical details of how Safari limits tracking in their official documentation.

If you’re using one of these versions of Safari, you must grant WordPress.com access to log you in on custom domains — that’s what this banner is for.

Safari needs your permission to connect with WordPress.com

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Why should I give permission?

Some features on WordPress.com rely on our ability to track your WordPress.com login across different WordPress.com and Jetpack-connected sites. We need to be able to detect you’re logged into a WordPress.com account when you visit a site so that you can:

  • Like posts
  • Like comments
  • Create or reply to comments
  • Follow a site
  • Access the WordPress.com admin bar which contains your notifications and links to the Reader and My Sites menu for managing your own sites

Clicking on the banner allows these features to still work correctly.

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How do I grant permission?

If you’re already logged into WordPress.com you can do that with the following steps:

  • Click Sign In, located at the top right of the page.
  • When asked ‘Do you want to allow “WordPress.com” to use cookies and website data?’ click Allow.

If you’re not logged into WordPress.com, click on Sign In. You’ll be redirected to the login form, and you then follow the steps above.

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Why doesn't this happen on all sites?

This will only happen on sites with custom domains, like our Privacy.blog. Sites on a free example.wordpress.com address are still “on” WordPress.com, as far as Safari is concerned, so it doesn’t have a problem if we track you across those sites.

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