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Ratings Shortcode

You can add ratings to your posts and pages with the Crowdsignal rating shortcode, which will look something like this in your content:


Use Ratings when you want your readers to rate something. If you wish to choose the rating (such as for your review of a movie or restaurant for example), use the Ratings block.

  1. First, log into your Crowdsignal account by clicking on the Sign In button at
  2. Afterward, you can follow these instructions to add a rating. The shortcode will look something like this:
The Ratings shortcode as displayed on Crowdsignal.
  1. Once a rating has been added to your site, visitors will be able to rate your content with a star rating or a ‘Nero’ style thumbs up and down button.
  2. You can view detailed results of your ratings in your Crowdsignal dashboard.

Ready to add ratings? Click here to view detailed instructions on setting up a new rating.

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