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RadioPublic Podcast Embeds

Thanks to a partnership with RadioPublic, you can choose from a quarter of a million podcasts to embed into your posts and pages. Whether you produce a podcast yourself, write about them, or just like to listen, you can share podcasts with your visitors, no matter where the podcasts are hosted.

Finding Relevant Podcasts

RadioPublic makes over 250,000 podcasts available to you. To find a podcast (or a particular episode), head to and use the search bar at the top of the screen:

RP search bar

If you’re looking for a specific podcast, you can search for it by name; you can also search by topics/keywords. Search results will appear as you type:

radiopublic search results

To select a show, click on its name. This will take you to the show’s page, where you’ll see a description along with list of all the available episodes:

radiopublic show page

radiopublic episode list

Embedding Posts into Posts and Pages

To embed a podcast player into a post or page, copy the URL of the show or episode you want to embed:


Paste the URL directly into the post or page. Make sure the URL is on its own line:

A podcast player will automatically appear on the post or page:


If you embed a specific episode, your post or page will always display a player with that episode. If you embed a show, the player will automatically update to always show the most recent episode of the show.

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