Premium Domains supports premium domains. These are special domains because they are short and memorable and are sold for a price that is higher than a standard domain.

At the moment, we offer premium domains for the following domain extensions:

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Premium domains have a higher perceived value because they are short and memorable. Therefore, they are more expensive than a standard domain.

Premium pricing can vary from being slightly higher than the standard price or up to ten, a hundred, or a thousand times more!

The price of a premium domain is largely determined by the registry for each TLD. TLD stands for “top-level domain”, sometimes referred to as an extension. These are the characters to the right of the dot – for example .com or .blog.

Since registrars (that’s us) must pay the registry for each domain, registrars must factor in the registry’s pricing model to determine how much to charge customers.

At a high level, registries assign one of two main pricing models to domains – standard and premium. The prices of standard domain TLDs are listed on our Domain Pricing page. To view the price of a standard or premium domain, go to My Site → Domains → Add domain to this site and search for the domain you’re interested in.

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The registry determines the renewal pricing for premium domains. In some cases, the domain renews at the same premium price as the initial registration. In other cases, renewals are at the lower standard price. For some other cases, renewals are lower than the purchase price, but higher than the standard price.

For transparency, we display the renewal price along with the registration price upfront, before you purchase a premium domain.

Registry premium domain search result
A premium domain appearing at My Site → Domains → Add domain to this site

Once a domain has been purchased, we also show the renewal price in your dashboard.

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Premium domains are subject to the same refund and cancelation policy as our standard priced domains. Refunds will only be given if the domain is fully canceled within 96 hours of the initial purchase (registration) or renewal. Due to the pricing for these domains, we are not able to make exceptions to this policy.

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At this time, we only support new registrations for premium domains. We are not able to transfer premium priced domains to from another provider, but you can connect the domain to use with your site instead.

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Free Domain Offer and Other Promotions

We offer one free year of a domain registration with the purchase of any plan. Because premium domain prices can be much higher than standard pricing, premium domains are not eligible to be registered, renewed, or transferred in using the plan domain credit. They are also exempt from special offers, including coupons and other promotions.

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