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Portfolio Projects can be displayed on any page with the Portfolio Shortcode.


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Embed Portfolio Projects

To display a Portfolio shortcode on any post or page, click on the + block inserter icon to open the block library and select the Shortcode block.

Adding a Shortcode block

Paste the following portfolio shortcode into the Shortcode block box:


For more, visit our detailed instructions page on the Shortcode block.

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Customization Options

The shortcode will display projects in different ways, depending on how you use the optional attributes to customize the portfolio layout.
By default, projects of all types are shown by date in ascending order, organized into two columns with visible project types, tags, and an excerpt of the project’s content.
You can customize the way the projects are shown, by adding attributes to your shortcode.

All available options

OptionDescriptionChoicesDefault Setting
columnsNumber of columns to display projects onnumbers 1-62
display_typesDisplay Project Typestrue,falsetrue
display_tagsDisplay Project Tagtrue,falsetrue
display_contentDisplay project contenttrue, falsetrue
display_authorDisplay project author’s nametrue, falsefalse
include_typeDisplay only specific Project TypesSpecify projects by adding a comma-separated list of Project Type slugsall
include_tagDisplay only specific Project TagsSpecify tags by adding a comma-separated list of Project Tag slugsall
showpostsSet a number of projects to displayAny valid numberall
orderDisplay projects in ascending or descending order.ASC, DESCASC
orderbySort projects by criteria, such as author, date, title, or, date, title, randdate

Here are a few examples:
Show Portfolio projects in 5 columns, ordered randomly, hide types and content:

[portfolio columns=5 display_types=false orderby=rand display_content=false]
The Portfolio Shortcode on a site with the Arbutus Theme

Show Portfolio projects in 3 columns, and hide types, tags, and content:

[portfolio columns=3 display_types=false display_tags=false display_content=false]
The Portfolio Shortcode on a site with the Blockbase Theme

Show Portfolio projects in 2 columns, and show an excerpt of the content:

[portfolio display_types=false display_tags=false display_content=true]
The Portfolio Shortcode on a site with the Crafty theme

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