Plugin and Theme Updates

If you’re using a Plan that supports custom plugins
or custom themes, your site is set to automatically install updates as they become available.

Keeping your plugins and themes up to date helps ensure the security of your site, and the rest of the platform. Updates often include things like security patches in addition to any potential new features or bug fixes. You can rest easy knowing that your site is always up to date.

Plugins and Themes From Repositories

If you install a plugin or theme from the repository, these plugins and themes will be automatically updated. Your site will check for new versions on a regular basis and will automatically install the new version for you.

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Plugins and Themes Not Available in Repositories

If you’re using a custom plugin or theme that’s not available in the repository, updates will not always be automatically installed. Commonly, pro-versions of plugins or themes from theme shops like Themeforest are not available in the repository. Updates for these plugins and themes may be distributed manually by the developers or they may provide their own automatic update system.

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Can I Disable Automatic Updates?

Automatic updates cannot be turned off or disabled. Running the most recent version of a theme or plugin can help limit security vulnerabilities, ensuring your site remains safe and secure.

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Can I Install an Old Version of a Plugin or Theme?

You can install old or out of date versions of plugins or themes, but they will be automatically updated the next time your site checks for updates.

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