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Business Plan

Choose the Business plan to create a supercharged WordPress website with plugins, third-party themes, and everything else you need to host a professional website. This guide explains what’s included in the Business plan.

Included in the Business Plan

The Business plan gives you:

Install Plugins

Plugins are additional tools that enhance a website’s functionality. With the Business plan, you can install plugins to create an online store, offer an online course, create memberships, sell digital downloads, and implement virtually any other feature you can imagine.

Plugins are created by individuals and companies in the WordPress community who have made their tools available to all WordPress users. You can install plugins from over 50,000 available in the repository, upload plugins you’ve found elsewhere, or even build a plugin yourself. Plugin authors can provide their plugins for free, at a cost, or commonly with a free version plus an option to upgrade for extra features.

A small number of plugins are not permitted on because we’ve found they can cause problems with your website, such as “reset” plugins. In those cases, we’ll often provide identical or superior functionality included with your plan.

Third-Party Themes

We offer an extensive collection of beautiful, professionally designed themes to suit any website. Can’t find a layout that would work for your site? On the Business plan, you can upload any WordPress theme from the many thousands of designs by any theme creator or even a theme you designed yourself.

SEO Tools

All websites are optimized for search engines from a technical standpoint. On the Business plan, you can access extra options for more advanced control over your website’s appearance in search. In addition, you can install an SEO plugin, such as the popular Yoast Premium plugin, to fine-tune the SEO of each page, post, and your site overall.

Custom Code

The Business plan allows you to add custom code, including JavaScript and iframe. You can also add code to your site’s header that is common for verifying your site with Google Adsense, MailChimp, and other services. The Free, Personal, or Premium plans do not support these custom code modifications.


With the ability to install plugins, third-party themes, and custom code comes added risk. The Business plan includes daily backups to keep your site safe. You can rest easy knowing that whatever happens, you can restore your site to exactly how it was at any previous time.

Sites with plugins installed are automatically backed up every day to make sure that none of your site changes are lost. We retain these backups as long as your site has an active plan and an additional 30 days after plan expiration or deactivation to ensure that you can quickly get your site back up and running.

Uninterrupted Performance

Multi-data center support and real-time replication ensure your website can handle traffic surges effortlessly. By caching your site around the world, we reduce the time it takes to reach your visitors, no matter where they are. Your visitors will enjoy faster page load times and an improved user experience, helping you retain and grow your audience.

Enhanced Security

On sites hosted with, Jetpack Scan is used to detect vulnerabilities and security threats in plugins, themes, and user-uploaded files. Jetpack Scan uses data from WPScan and the security team to keep sites safe from malware and security breaches. While sites on other hosting providers need to pay extra for Jetpack Scan, it is integrated into your plan. Learn more about everything we do to keep your website safe.


The Business plan offers 50 GB of storage for your images, audio files, and documents. Videos uploaded to the Business plan with hosting access activated do not count against your storage allotment. Learn more about storage on

Support Via Live Chat

Business plan customers can access WordPress support via live chat 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. While most other hosting companies provide support for their hosting-related services, at, we also help with any questions you may have when building your website on WordPress. Not sure how to create a portfolio site, add a product, or style your contact page? Come to chat, and we are happy to help!

Advanced Developer Features is the perfect choice for the less technically-minded and for those who don’t have experience with programming code and website files. However, if you are tech-savvy and wish to work on your website using advanced developer tools, we provide:

Business Plan vs. Self-Hosting Business offers the same great, extendable, and flexible WordPress experience as self-hosting, with added benefits.

On Business, we manage the hardware and the low-level system configurations for you so you can focus on what’s most important: your content.

With self-hosting, you’re typically managing your own servers and have more access to fine-tune configuration files. However, more control means more responsibility. On a self-hosted site, you’ll be responsible for maintaining site security, backups, spam prevention, and other functions yourself — functions we consider an essential part of owning a website and therefore provide automated tools that do the work for you. In addition, there is not a dedicated support team for like we offer here on

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