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phpMyAdmin and MySQL

phpMyAdmin and MySQL access are available to administrators with plugin-enabled plans.

This feature is available on sites with the Business or Commerce plan. If your site has one of our legacy plans, it is available on the Pro plan.

Before Beginning

Accessing your database is not required for your site to function. Do not touch your site’s database unless you have a very specific reason. If you’re unsure, contact a Happiness Engineer for help before accessing your database.


You should never run a command unless you know exactly what it will do.

If you don’t understand what a command does, don’t run it. Running unknown commands without understanding them may lead to your site breaking, and can also cause you to lose data.

You may have come across articles that suggest manipulating the database to improve various aspects of your site. Here at, we’ve already taken steps to ensure your site is optimized, and you should not need to do anything with your database directly.

We are happy to help you determine whether you need to access your database and help restore your site should accidents occur, however Happiness Engineers are not here to assist you with creating, modifying, or running database commands.

Database Access

Each site comes pre-configured with one database for use with that site. does not support creating additional databases, connecting one site to another database, or external access to any given site’s database.

To find the database information, go to Settings → Hosting Configuration.

Once there, click the Open phpMyAdmin button to get started.

A new tab will open, and you’ll be prompted to click a link to proceed to your database.

After this loading screen, you’ll see something called phpMyAdmin. This is a tool used to access your site’s database, and run commands to interact with it. For help with using phpMyAdmin, please see this website.

What if Something Goes Wrong?

If something happens to your site after you’ve made changes to your database, you can restore your site from a backup.

If you run a command, and something happens you didn’t expect, we’re happy to help you restore your site to an earlier point, from before you ran the command. We will not be able to help you debug your command to make it work as expected.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I upload .sql files? What is the file size limit?

Yes, you can import database files. Please bear in mind that the size of the database counts against your plan’s storage limit.

Can I change file size limits and maximum execution time?

No, this is set on the server side, and it cannot be changed. You can review our environment details here.

Do you provide support for custom SQL queries I want to run in phpMyAdmin?

No, we do not provide support to help you create, modify, run, or debug commands. Please do not run a command if you aren’t sure what it will do.

If I have multiple users on my site, can I see who did what?

Accessing the database will appear as an entry in your Activity Log. However, we are not able to track what someone does while they are accessing your database.

How should I export my database?

If you want a copy of your database, we recommend downloading a copy from your Activity Log.

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