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Your personal settings at can be accessed by going to → Me. This is represented by your avatar picture (called a Gravatar) at the top right hand corner of your homepage, as shown in this example:

The profile icon is the circle on the top right, with either your profile image or a default one.
To access your personal settings, click on your Gravatar

Table of Contents

My Profile

The first tab, titled My Profile allows you to edit your First Name, Last NamePublic Display Name and also has an About Me section.
There, you can also add profile links, which will be displayed as part of your profile:

The Profile Links section has an Add button to add any, and an X beside each link to remove them.

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Account Settings

The second tab, Account Settings, is focused on the settings directly related to your account. There, you will be able to modify your username, the email address associated to your account, which of your sites is your “primary” site, what URL you would like to display as part of your profile when you comment on posts and what language settings you would like your interface to be in.

Note: Once you change your username you will not be able to change it back and the old name will not be available for you or anyone to use. If you just want to show your name differently please only change your Display Name. You can learn more here.

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In this tab, you can view all purchases you have made with your account. You will be able to see which upgrades you have for your sites, as well as renewing and canceling them. This is also where you can edit the payment method for your purchases in the event your card has expired.
This section also includes your receipts in the Billing History.

In Purchases, you'll find all details of each purchase.

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The next section, titled Security, is where you can manage your password, as well as making your account safer by adding Two-Step Authentication. You can also manage which applications are using your account and disconnect them if necessary.

In the password section, you can set a new password, or even generate a strong password with our button at the bottom.

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Receiving too many emails? Don’t worry, you can choose which notifications you would like to receive to stay up to date with the community. There, you can choose what type of notifications you want to receive, including our platform notifications, emails and even push notifications if you have a smartphone with our app installed!

For each site, click the down arrow to access the full list of notifications.

Click the down arrow to the right to access notification settings for each site.
The notifications section has columns for account notifications, email notifications, and your mobile device if you have the app installed.
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