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A theme applies to the overall look of your entire site, while Page Layouts apply to specific pages on your site.

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Introduction to Page Layouts

Page Layouts are pre-designed pages with placeholder content that you can replace with your own text or images. They are made using blocks in the Block editor, so you can edit the existing layout content or add more blocks to a layout.

Page Layouts are available for both our Recommended and Advanced themes, but they work best on our Recommended Themes.

Page Layouts - Recommended Themes

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Viewing Page Layouts

  1. Go to My Site(s) → Pages.
  2. Click on Add new page.
  3. Browse through the different Page Layout categories.
  4. Once you find a layout that you like, click it once to apply it to your new page.

Page Layout categories include

  • About Pages
  • Blog Pages
  • Home Pages
  • Gallery Pages
  • Services Pages
  • Contact Pages

You don’t have to use a category for its intended purpose. For example, if you like an About Page’s layout, you can repurpose the content areas with your own content.

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Editing a Page Layout

Once you’ve selected a Page Layout, you can replace the placeholder content added with your own content.

Click in any block to edit the content within the block.

Using a Page Layout

You can also add more blocks to your page anywhere you want. For more information on using the Block editor, check out this helpful document.


If you want to quickly erase all the blocks from the page, you can use some handy keyboard shortcuts. Press CTRL + A on Windows or Command-A on Mac. Then, press it again. Finally, press the delete key on your keyboard.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What Happened to My Home Page?

If you select one of the Recommended themes in the Theme Showcase, your existing home page will be moved to the Drafts section of your Site Pages and the theme’s home page will be created.

Page Layout - Theme Homepage Change Warning

Here’s how you can continue to use your existing home page with the new theme:

  1. Go to My Site(s) → Pages
  2. Click on the Drafts menu in your Pages list
Site → Pages → Drafts
  1. Once in Drafts, click on the ellipses next to your original home page
  2. Select Publish from the drop-down menu
Publishing a Draft Page
  1. Once your original home page is published, go back the Published menu in your Pages list
  2. Click the ellipses menu next to the most recently published page – this is the home page you just re-published from drafts
  3. Select Set as Homepage from the drop-down menu
How to Set a Homepage
  1. Lastly, click on the ellipses next to the homepage created by the theme
  2. Click on Trash to move that page to the Trashed section of Pages.
Deleting a Page
Additional FAQ
Why don’t I see the Page Layout option?

You may be using an older, retired, theme, or a third-party theme. All of the themes currently listed in the Theme Showcase support Page Templates.

If you are using the Classic Editor, you will not see the Page Layouts. They are designed using Blocks in our latest editor. Click here to learn about the WordPress Block editor.

Why don’t my Portfolio projects show in my Portfolio Page Layout?

The Portfolio Page Layout will not automatically populate with your Portfolio Projects.

You can link to existing projects using the Link icon in Image, Paragraph or any block that supports links. Or, you can use the Portfolio Shortcode to display your projects directly on the page.

My theme asks for a specific layout/template and I don’t see it.

If you are using a theme that requires you to use a specific layout, like theFour’s Grid Layout option, you will find this option in the Page Settings after you select a Page Layout. This article explains how to select a page template.

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