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By default, the front page of your blog is configured to display your latest posts. If you have not published any posts, then the front page of your blog will display a 404 – Not Found Error (or something similar, depending on the theme). You will receive this error message if you delete the default “Hello World” post included with your blog, before you publish a new blog post.

Simply put, you have received that error message because there is nothing to display on your front page.

There are two ways to fix this:

  1. Publish a new blog post!
    To write a post go to Posts -> Add New and publish a new blog entry. Your new post will be added to the front page of your blog and will replace the error message.
  2. Change your front page.
    Your can also configure your blog to display a static front page, rather than your latest blog posts.

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Post Permalink Page

You might encounter the 404 error message if you publish a post with the current date, but then edit the post and change the date.

The URL of each of your posts contains the date that you published the post. If you change the date of the post after you have already published it, then the original URL will no longer work (since it contains the original date).

The link in your “Latest Posts” list will also be incorrect because of the date change. Go to Posts -> All Posts and you will find the post. If you still cannot find the post, then it is possible that the edited date is in the future.

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