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On Free and (legacy) Starter plan sites, we sometimes display advertisements on your blog or site to help pay the bills. This guide explains these ads and how to remove them.


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About Ads

The ads your viewers will see on your site are determined by their location, browsing history, and other factors.

We screen the ads we display for mature or illegal content. Sometimes, however, you or visitors to your site might still see ads you object to — for example, ads for political causes or products you oppose. We do not endorse the content of any ad, and we encourage you to inform your audience that ads are not selected by site owners, but rather are provided by us or our third-party advertising partners.

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Remove Ads

In some cases, you may want to avoid displaying ads on your site altogether. We know some of you want to have full control over your site’s appearance. To eliminate ads on your blog or website entirely, you can either:

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Ads Not by

Our ads appear at the bottom of posts, in a sidebar, or as a banner on your site. On selected themes, an inline ad might be shown in the post, well below the first or second paragraph, or scattered throughout a blog post.

It is possible for ads to appear in your browser that were not placed there by These ads are sometimes caused by malware or a virus, but more often it is due to a browser extension or toolbar that you may have installed in your browser.

If you notice the same style of ad (like a pop-up ad) when you visit other sites, we recommend you check for browser extensions to determine which extension may be responsible for the ads.

You may also want to run a spyware/malware check on your computer using a popular tool like Ad-Aware or Malwarebytes.

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