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On February 22, 2021, the Store interface on the sidebar navigation will be retired in favor of the new WooCommerce experience that is part of the WP Admin interface. All of your existing Store data (Products, Orders, Settings, Coupons, etc.) is already fully accessible via the new WooCommerce interface, and no action from you is needed as part of this change.

Between now and February 22, you can access and manage your Store data from either interface. So we encourage you to explore the new WooCommerce interface and become familiar with it during this transition period.

This page outlines the key differences between the Store on interface, and the WooCommerce administrative interface found inside WP Admin and aims to help assist you during this transition. As always our Happiness Engineers are here to help you with any questions you may have!

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Accessing your Store via WooCommerce

Opening up your Store management interface is very similar to how you have been accessing Store on The primary difference is the name of the menu item that is changing from Store to WooCommerce:

The sidebar menu, showing the new WooCommerce item under the existing Store item.

The new WooCommerce menu item is located in the sidebar below your current Store menu item. Clicking on this will launch the new Store Management experience within WooCommerce.

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WooCommerce Dashboard

The new WooCommerce dashboard shows the items and settings you'll need to access most for your store.
The new WooCommerce dashboard

When you launch the WooCommerce management experience, you will be greeted with a home screen that is quite similar to the dashboard you are used to in the Store management interface.

Much like the legacy Store on experience, the new home screen gives you quick access to key stats about your Store. It also displays items that need your attention such as orders to be fulfilled, product reviews that need moderation, and inventory alerts for your products.

The home screen also provides other insightful information via the Inbox feature, and a set of quick links to help you get to the store management tasks with ease.

For more details on all the functionality available on your new WooCommerce Home Screen, please refer to the WooCommerce Support documentation on the subject.

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Diagram showing how old Store menu items map to the WooCommerce menu items.

There are a few slight differences between the sidebar menu in Store on and the new WooCommerce interface. The above image shows where items found in the Store sidebar exist in the new WooCommerce sidebar.

The key differences to note are the Promotions menu item from Store is called Coupons and is located under the Marketing menu item in WooCommerce. We will dive into some further details around Promotion management differences below too.

The other menu item that is not present is Reviews. As noted above, if your Store has product reviews enabled, they can now be managed directly via your WooCommerce Home Screen.

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Product Management

The Product Management experience in WooCommerce is visually a bit different from that found in Store on, but it enables you to leverage the full power and customization options offered by WooCommerce extensions. Like all areas of WooCommerce, the Product Management area has a very detailed set of documentation to assist you as you become familiar with the new interface.

Product Listing
Screenshot of the obsolete Product Management section
The old Product Management section
The new Products listing page has all the same information you're used to with even more, in columns.
The new Product Management section
Product Editing
Screenshot of the obsolete product editor.
The old Product Editor
When editing a Product, it will now show the wp-admin styling.
The new Product Editor

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Order Management

Like Product Management, there are some slight visual differences between the Store interface on and the one that you will experience in WooCommerce. You will be able to perform all the same actions you could do in the old Store such as fulfilling orders, printing shipping labels, and commenting on orders too.

To dive into further details about the various areas of order management, please explore the Managing Orders documentation here.

Order Listing
Screenshot of the obsolete Order Management section
The old Order Management section
The new Orders listing shows the Order, Date, Status, and Total.
The new Orders management section

One key area to note on the order listing page is that the Order Status column differs slightly from the Store interface to that seen in WooCommerce. To dive in on the details of what the different order statuses are, please refer to the WooCommerce Order documentation.

Order Editing
Screenshot of the obsolete Order Editor
The old Order editor
The new Order Editor has all the same information in a different format.
The new Order editor

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Promotions / aka Coupons & Sale Products

As mentioned before, the Promotions area in Store on is the one area of store management that differs quite a bit with what is found in WooCommerce. In the Store interface, the Promotions screen allows you to create multiple types of coupons, and manage individual product sale pricing from a single place.

Screenshot of the obsolete Promotions section
The old Promotions section

In the WooCommerce management interface, all coupons are managed from the Marketing > Coupons screen, and individual product sale prices are set on the product edit screen.

The new Coupons section

Details about how to place an individual product on sale in WooCommerce can be seen in the WooCommerce Product Management documentation. For in-depth information about Coupons in WooCommerce, please refer to the WooCommerce Coupon Management documentation.

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Review Management

In the WooCommerce home page, there is a Reviews panel that gives you quick access to pending Product Reviews.

Reviews now shows on the main WooCommerce dashboard.
The new Reviews section

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Store Settings

The Store Settings area of WooCommerce provides a greater deal of granular control over all aspects of your Store. 

Screenshot of the obsolete Store Settings section
The old Store Settings section
The WooCommerce Settings section in wp-admin has its own set of panels and allows you more granular control over your store options.
The new WooCommerce Settings section

For full details around all of the store settings in Woo, please reference the documentation for Configuring WooCommerce Settings.

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Extending Your Store

One extremely powerful thing that is now available to you by using the WooCommerce management interface, is you have access to the entire marketplace of WooCommerce Extensions to add more functionality to and further customize your store.

To explore all of the extensions that are available, you can click on the Extensions menu item in the WooCommerce sidebar:

From WooCommerce > Extensions you can find more plugins to add functionality to WooCommerce or manage the existing ones.
The new WooCommerce Extensions section

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