Whether you are on your way to greatness or loved by millions, can serve as a digital hub where you tell stories for your fans, showcase your songs, and list your gigs.

How to Setup a Music Website or Blog

Showcase Your Music

  1. Pick a theme. You can use any theme at for a music site, and we’ve tagged a few of the themes that we think work really well for sites for musicians.
  2. Customize your theme by adding a header image.
  3. Tell your story. Your fans love your stories and your passion for making music, so tell them about it! Start with an about page, then put it through the meat grinder. After that, keep writing.
  4. Make sure to add a few photos.
  5. Add some music! You can embed any audio file that has already been uploaded to the web with an audio shortcode.
  6. Add some videos! Videos are a great way to share music. You can embed a number of video services.
  7. If you’d like the ability to upload audio and video files into your media library, you will need one of our paid plans. Uploading audio files is possible with our Personal Plan, while uploading video is possible on our Premium and Business plans.
  8. If you are a BandPage user, grab the BandPage widget.
  9. List your upcoming gigs using the Upcoming Events widget.

Promote to Your Fans

  1. Setup the Follow widget to let any user subscribe to your posts by email.
  2. Publish new posts to social media websites automatically by connecting them using Publicize.
  3. Add social media sharing buttons to your posts and pages.
  4. Podcast your music or stories and submit them to iTunes.

Questions & Answers

  • How can I pick the best theme for my band? Start by looking through the themes tagged for music, but keep in mind that you can set up the widgets and promotion features for any theme.
  • Can I see more showcase examples? Absolutely! Check out our user showcase.

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