Whether you are on your way to greatness or loved by millions, can serve as a digital hub where you tell stories for your fans, showcase your songs, and list your gigs.

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How to Setup a Music Website or Blog

Start at to set up a new account.

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Showcase Your Music

  1. Pick a theme. You can use any theme at for a music site, and we’ve tagged a few of the themes that we think work really well for sites for musicians.
  2. Customize your theme by adding a header image.
  3. Tell your story. Your fans love your stories and your passion for making music, so tell them about it! Start with an about page, then put it through the meat grinder. After that, keep writing.
  4. Make sure to add a few photos.
  5. Add some music! You can embed any audio file from popular platforms including Spotify and Soundcloud.
  6. Add some videos! Videos are a great way to share music. You can embed a number of video services.
  7. If you’d like the ability to upload audio and video files into your media library, you can upgrade to a paid plan.
  8. List your upcoming gigs using the Upcoming Events widget.

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Promote to Your Fans

  1. Setup the Subscribe block to let any user subscribe to your posts by email.
  2. Publish new posts to social media websites automatically. Learn more.
  3. Add social media sharing buttons to your posts and pages.
  4. Podcast your music or stories and submit them to Pocket Casts or iTunes.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I pick the best theme for my band?

Start by looking through the themes tagged for music, but keep in mind that you can set up the widgets and promotion features for any theme.

Can I see more showcase examples?

Absolutely! Check out our user showcase.

What are the best themes for music sites?

You can use any theme for music, but a few stand out. Go to the Theme Showcase and filter for music to see a list of recommended themes for musicians. Also check out Music on to see a list of features, themes, and example sites.

How much exposure can I get on

As much as you want! is one of the largest publishing platforms on the web, and best of all, it’s free! Right after signup, you’ll have all the tools you need to inform your fans, share upcoming performance dates, direct your fans to your album sales, provide email subscriptions, automatically post to Facebook and Twitter, and much more!

You mentioned email subscriptions, how do I do that?

When a visitor subscribes to your site via email, they will automatically receive your posts in their inbox. Since your site is already a great way to announce upcoming performances, album releases, etc, email subscriptions turn it into a great mailing list. To make subscribing easier on your fans, add a Follow Widget.

What about Facebook and Twitter?

With Jetpack Social, your posts will be automatically published to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Tumblr. Plus, you can add sharing buttons to your posts and pages so your fans can share your news with their friends.

How do I list tour dates and events?

You can use the Upcoming Events widget or shortcode together with a calendar link to display a list of gigs.

How do I share my music?

We give you plenty of ways to share audio with your fans. If you have a paid plan, you can upload and embed your own audio as well as mobile-friendly, HTML5-based playlists. You can also easily embed your music from SoundCloud, Bandcamp, Spotify, and 8tracks.

What about video?

There are plenty of ways to share videos right on your site. With the Premium plan or above, you can upload and embed your own videos. You can also easily embed videos from YouTube, Vimeo, Flickr, and Dailymotion on any plan.

What about photos?

We know there’s more to your band than audio and video. Your image is just as important, and we have made it very easy to post images, galleries, and slideshows.

Can I sell my albums on my site?

Yes, you can sell albums on your site by setting up Payments blocks or the Pay with PayPal buttons. You are also more than welcome to link to where your album can be purchased, like iTunes and Amazon. If you are selling your own albums, a custom form can be used by prospective customers to get in touch with you. If you have an impending release date, add a Milestone Widget for a simple countdown.

Can I post on the go?

There’s no need to spend hours in front of a computer to create a fantastic website. As long as you have your hands on a mobile device, you can use any one of our mobile apps or post by email.

What if I need help?

We’re always here to help, so if you need anything, please feel free to contact us.

Need more help? Ask about setting up a music site in the forums.

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