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Moving from a Self-Hosted WordPress to

If you would like to move your self-hosted site over to, you can follow the guidance on the following pages. Navigate to the next step by clicking on the page numbers at the bottom of the screen, or, to view all of the steps on a single page, click “View All”:

Get Started

If you haven’t already, create a user account and blog at



In your old self-hosted site, go to Tools → Export and download the .xml (WXR) file to your computer.

This will ONLY export your posts, pages, comments, categories, and tags; uploads and images may need to be transferred manually to the new blog. The XML file contain references to image files (not the image files themselves), so it’s important that the export site is accessible at the same address when using this XML file for importing.



To import the .xml file WordPress blog into your current site, select Import from the sidebar.

Sidebar menu with the Tools section expanded and the Import item highlighted

Click Start Import next to the WordPress importer.

Drag your .xml file into the box, or click the box to browse to the file on your computer.

Once the file has finished processing the uploaded file, click the Start Import button. You will be asked to reassign the authors of the imported items to an existing user on the new site before starting the import process.

Note, if you had more than one author on your site and wish to keep your content assigned to the same authors: invite the user to your site on prior to import. This will allow you to assign the posts to the correct author. Inviting the users will require they have a account.


Check that all of your content and images have been moved over to your new site.

Domain Mapping

Connect your domain name from your old site to your new site with Domain Mapping.

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