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There are a few different methods for using a domain registered through with a different host. This article walks you through doing this by pointing your domain through a custom A records.

This method is recommended for pointing your domain to sites hosted by providers such as Tumblr and Squarespace, which do not support pointing through name servers.

Changing an A record

You can manage your domain from Domains, by clicking the Edit button next to it and then Edit DNS. You’ll see the DNS records for your domain.

Your domain’s A record points to by default. If you add a new A record, it will overwrite the default.

Your new host should have provided you with the address to point your domain to. It consists of four sets of numbers separated by periods, e.g:

Note: The above is just an example. Be sure to use the numbers given by your webhost.

Enter the address in the points to field, click on Add New DNS Record for the changes to be saved.

The domain will start pointing to your new host immediately, but most hosts require you to set up the domain on their end as well. Here are instructions for some popular hosting services:

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Resetting a domain A record

To reset your domain’s A record and make it point to again, hover over your custom A record and click the trash icon to remove. The A record will then be switched back to ours.

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