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Manage Your Purchases

Through your account, you can renew, cancel, refund, upgrade, downgrade, and change the payment method used for your purchases on This guide explains how to manage your subscriptions yourself on

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Hey everyone, it’s Mike Bal from Today we’re gonna look at just kind of some basic things navigating around your account, how to manage your plans and your domains.

So when you’re logged in, and you go to, you actually land on I’m a big fan of this section, So I’m gonna cover a little bit of it and give props real quick just because this is all the different sites content aggregated into one to-go place, and all the sites you follow and kind of everything else. So you get a nice feed of all that content. You can engage with it. You can follow different things and comment right from the reader, which is what we call this. And that’s awesome.

But since we’re here to talk about plans, you’re gonna jump over to my sites. And that’s gonna take you to what we call my home or this experience right here. By default, it’s gonna choose probably the most recent site that you’ve edited.

If I wanna switch sites, I can go to one that you all have seen before, Pangalive right there. So now everything in this area is about that Pangalive site. So I’m gonna go through and kinda on this left sidebar, I’m gonna go ahead and just hover over upgrades.

And then what you’ll see is there’s plans and there’s domain options right here along with emails and other purchases. So let’s go ahead and open the plans, kind of section of the admin. And this is gonna show you where you’re at right now. So it’ll tell you what you have for credits for your plan already, what you’ve already paid for essentially for the year for the existing plan that you have. And if you look right here, you’ll see it says your plan.

So this is what I’m on. This is the business plan. If I wanted to jump up to the e-commerce plan and get some of the kind of built-in packaged e-commerce tools like commerce with Woo subscriptions or Woo memberships and stuff, this is where I’d go. And see that’s kind of where the extra add-ons are here.

So I could see that that plan’s available, and all I’d have to do is essentially click on upgrade and go through the checkout process. So that’s pretty straightforward.

You can also see if you go down here, you can see all the different features for each single plan and kind of how they compare side by side, which is nice. You can also zoom in on my plan right here. And that’s just gonna tell you what comes with your plan and what you can do from here.

So you can manage your plan, and then you have these other options that you can tie into your plan that comes with it. So if you need chat or support, you have that. You can tie in different tools and kind of leverage the different things that we have built into the platform. Not a lot of people will always know what comes with the different plans that you have. So I recommend kind of poking around on the My Plan section to see what you have and make sure you’re taking advantage of everything that’s built into it.

So the other thing we can do, right, is go back to the upgrades menu, and I’m actually gonna click on domains this time. One really cool thing about I didn’t know until I got here is that we have kind of a really fast, sophisticated way for handling different domains. And you can associate multiple domains with your site, and you can switch between them relatively easily if you would need to.

So these are the domains that I currently own on here. I have and then Pangolife you see right now. These are associated to the site that I have selected. So I’m on Pangolife. These are domains I have associated to it. If I wanted to, if I click on this dropdown, I could actually make that my primary site address and everything on my site would change instead of, it would switch to

I’m not gonna do that today, but it’s literally that easy, and it only takes a couple of minutes for the whole site to switch over. When you’re doing this with other hosts, you actually have to change something called TTL or time to live and let that process first before those changes will take place. And that could take usually a day or two, depending on what that host has said is the default. So this is kind of a nice little section.

You can also add domains and set up redirects from Domain. So if I found out a bunch of people were going to, let’s say like Pangolin life or something like that, or Pangolins or something, let’s see if there’s any related domains here that I can find. So let’s say I did some research or something, and I found that a bunch of people were actually going to this one, which they’re not.

I could select to add that to my plan, And then I could choose a redirect for that and just point those people who go there to our site.

So you can also change your settings for each domain. You can manually update your name servers if you want to, if you’re more technical, and change your contact information. And you see that we have the SSL certificate built in automatically. So you don’t have to manage that. That just means that it’s secure browsing, and it’s safe for people to go there.

And with each domain that you have, you can add emails. So if I wanted an email, say,, it would be as simple as going in here and adding that as well. So that’s pretty much how to navigate around and manage those different things.

You can transfer domains that you own from different sites onto and manage them all in one place, which is really nice.

You can change your plans at any point in time. You can upgrade, you can downgrade, whatever. It’s pretty straightforward.

If you guys have any questions, go ahead and leave them in the comments, and we’ll get back to you with more videos or just straight-up answers. Thanks.

View Your Purchases

To view all the purchases you have made on, take the following steps:

  1. Click on your Profile icon at the top of your dashboard:
A box drawn around the profile icon in the top toolbar of your dashboard.
  1. On the left side, select the Purchases menu option:
Purchases is highlighted in blue.
  1. Under Active Upgrades, you’ll find a list of all your current subscriptions on This will include plans, domains, email, add-ons, and any other purchases you have made with us.
The following tabs are shown: Active Upgrades, Billing History, and Payment Methods.
Tabs for Active Upgrades, Billing History, and Payment Methods

Here, you can take any of the following actions for your purchases. Click the links below to view step-by-step guides for each action:

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