The Lytro shortcode for allows you to easily embed your Lytro living pictures into your posts and pages, resulting in images which your visitors can play around with, without leaving your blog or site.

To get started you’ll need a Light Field Lytro Camera and the Lytro Desktop application from which you can upload your living pictures to Once your pictures are live and public, you can embed them into your WordPress posts and pages.

Quick Embed

To quickly embed a Lytro living picture, simply copy the picture’s URL on from your web browser’s address bar.

Lytro Shortcode Embed URL

Paste it on a line by itself in your Visual editor. Make sure that it is not hyperlinked.

That’s it! When viewing the post or page, the Lytro URL will automatically be replaced with a living picture, like the one below:

If you’d like to have more control over the size of the picture and other parameters, use the shortcode method described below.

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Embedding with a Shortcode

You can add a shortcode to any page or post using a shortcode block.

Step 1: When viewing your picture on, follow the steps shown in the image belowe. Use the Share (1) button which opens the share menu. Select the Embed (2) method, and copy the given embed code using the Copy (3) button.

Lytro embed code

Step 2: Create or edit a post or page and paste the embed code into the Text editor. If you are using the block editor, insert it using a shortcode block.

Step 3: As soon as you update your post or page, the iframe code will automatically be converted in a Lytro shortcode.

When you view your post or page, you’ll see that the shortcode has turned into a Lytro living picture.

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Shortcode Attributes

The photo attribute should either be the urique photo ID, or the complete photo URL on The username attribute should be set to your username. You can further customize your embedded Lytro pictures by using additional attributes from the list below:

  • width — the image width in pixels
  • height — the image height in pixels
  • show_border — set to true to force-show the border around the image

Below is an example usage of a Lytro shortcode with some of the additional attributes:

[lytro username="lytroweb" photo="431119" width="300" height="300" show_border="false"]

If you need further assistance with your Lytro living pictures, please visit Lytro Support.

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