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If your plan includes Premium Support, you will have access to priority Live Chat support at no extra cost. If you’re not a customer yet, please post your question in our community forums.

Our Happiness Engineers can answer any questions that you have about, how it works, and how best to use it. We love to help guide you in building the perfect website.

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How to Access Live Chat Support

When you are logged into, click on the blue and white “?” icon in the lower right corner to access all of our Help resources. Then, click the Contact Us button. Type your question in the box under “How can we help?” and press Chat with us to begin the chat session.

Alternatively, you can contact us here.

Chat is available for users who are an Administrator on the site. If an Editor tries to contact us on Chat, they will only see the Email Us option.

Chat is currently available 24 hours a day from Monday to Friday for customers with our Annual Premium, Business, and Ecommerce plans or our legacy Pro plan. Business and Ecommerce plans have access to Chat on Saturday and Sunday as well. At times when all our Happiness Engineers are busy or unavailable, your message will be sent through to email support so we can respond as soon as possible.

On rare occasions, Live Chat support is also subject to closure or limited hours during our company meetings.

Making the Most of Live Chat Support

Although offers support through our support documentation and support forums, we understand that sometimes it might be best to work through your questions in real-time. If you have something that you’re stuck on within or you have questions about how to use certain features, hop on chat and ask away!

Please be prepared to describe the problem or phrase your question as precisely as possible and provide relevant details and links. For example, “How do I publish a page privately?” will create a better support experience than “I’m having trouble with my site.”

Providing a screenshot can be a helpful way to illustrate an issue that you’re facing. To learn how to take a screenshot, click here.

Limitations of Support

We are more than happy to answer questions related to and occasionally dispense some advice or suggestions for your site. However, there are things that fall outside of what we can help with, including but not limited to:

  • Help with third-party applications not related to
  • Logging into customer accounts, such as domain registrars, to make changes or view settings directly.
  • Sites running WordPress software but not hosted at
  • Writing, editing, or otherwise creating content like text and images (but we will show you how to do this yourself!)
  • Writing and editing code other than HTML and CSS (such as PHP or Javascript.)

Live Chat support is currently available in English. You can find more details about our Localized Support offer here.

Code of Conduct

While we try not to put too many restrictions on supporting our customers, we do want you to be aware that you’re chatting with a live person. Our Happiness Engineers are here to help and appreciate a positive and polite tone. Any abusive language will not be tolerated.

Phone Support

We do not currently offer phone support because many of the issues we discuss require frequent reference to web links and code. That is much easier to do using written forms of communication like live chat and email.

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