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Ready to move your site from Squarespace to This guide will show you how to export the contents from Squarespace as a WordPress format XML file, then import the file into a site using the Squarespace Import option in the dashboard.

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Step One: Create a Site

If you don’t already have a WordPress site, start one here.

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Step Two: Download Your Squarespace Export File

Log in to your Squarespace site and click on Settings in the sidebar:

Click Advanced in the Settings menu:

Click Import/Export in the Advanced menu:

Click the Export button on the Import / Export page, and then click the WordPress icon that appears:

Click the Export button to start the export. You’ll see a progress bar while Squarespace is creating the export file. Once the export is ready, click the Download button to save the XML file containing the contents of your site:

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Step Three: Import Your Squarespace Export File into

Now that you have downloaded your Squarespace content as an XML file, you can import it into your site.

From your site’s dashboard, go to Tools → Import:

The next step depends on which plan you are using on your site. If you have a Free site or have not installed any plugins, continue reading. If you have a plugin-enabled site, jump to this section.

Choose the Squarespace importer:

importer options

You’ll see a file upload option. Drag the file you downloaded from Squarespace into the window, or click on the area to manually choose the file on your computer:

Squarespace importer screen

Next, you’ll be prompted to assign authors to the items you are importing. You can choose a user for each author in the import file. If your site doesn’t have the necessary users at this point, you may want to add some users before restarting the import. Hit the Start Import button to begin the import process.

Squarespace importer author assignment screen

You’ll see this progress bar while the import is going on. It’s fine to leave this page – the import will continue in the background. You should receive an email when it’s completed.

Squarespace importer progress screen

The Squarespace importer will bring in posts, pages, comments, tags, images, audio files, and embedded video. Other types of content, such as attached PDF files and embedded SoundCloud audio, will need to be added manually.

Plugin-Enabled Sites

If your site has plugins installed, follow these steps:

  1. After clicking Tools → Import, click Choose from full list.
  2. Look for the WordPress importer and click Install Now.
  3. Once it has finished installing, click Run Importer.
  4. Click Choose file and upload the XML file that you received from Squarespace.
  5. Click Upload file and import.
  6. Choose an author for your content and click Submit.

This method may not import images from Squarespace, so you may need to use a plugin such as this to import the images from your Squarespace site.

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Step Four: Start Using

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