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Our GoDaddy Importer is really easy to use. All you have to do is provide your site’s web address (called a URL). When the import is complete, you’ll have a site that’s pre-filled with your content & ready to be your new home on the web.

Import to a new site

If you’re just getting set up with or don’t want to affect an existing WordPress site, the quickest way to get started is to visit

Once you give us the URL of your GoDaddy site, we’ll set up a new WordPress site & take you directly to the import feature. Don’t worry about the web address for your new site. You can change it easily and add your existing domain name (or even a brand new one) when you’re ready to take your site live.

Your new site content will not be publicly visible until you’re ready to take it live. Once you’re ready, look for the notice at the top of your site and click on “Launch site.” You’ll need to verify your email address before launching your site.

Import to an existing site

If you already have a site you want continue using, but have content on a GoDaddy site you want to append, visit the Import section for your site.

Sidebar menu with the Tools section expanded and the Import item highlighted

NOTE: Some site settings will be overwritten when you import from GoDaddy to an existing site. For example, your menus, front page setting, site title, etc. will be changed to match your GoDaddy site.

Supported Content

Here’s a non-exhaustive list of the types of content we can import:

  • Blog posts
  • Static pages
  • Images
  • Various other blocks and features

We will attempt to import as much of your content as possible, but there is some functionality we don’t support quite yet. We’ll continue to add support, so if there’s an important bit that isn’t incorporated in your new site, please reach out to us and let us know about it!


Will my GoDaddy site be available during the import? What about afterward?

Your GoDaddy site will not be affected by the import process.  In order to use your existing domain name, you will need to do one of:

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I want to set up an online store or use a particular plugin on my new site. How do I do it?

For advanced functionality, your site will need a plan. See the articles for setting up a store and adding custom plugins for more information.

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