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If you have a website built with WordPress on another hosting provider, generally referred to as a self-hosted site, and want to move it to, use our Import Everything option.

The Import Everything option will copy your existing self-hosted WordPress site to your new site, including your content, media, plugins, and the theme.

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  • A website with our Business or eCommerce plan (or legacy Pro plan.)
  • Jetpack version 7.9 or higher activated on the self-hosted site.
  • The person importing must be a user who is an admin on both sites (source and destination) and is connected to via Jetpack to both sites.
  • All incompatible plugins deactivated on the self-hosted site.


Using the Import Everything option to migrate your self-hosted site to will overwrite the existing content on the site.

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Import from Self-Hosted WordPress

  1. Log into your new account or site.
  2. Go to Tools → Import.
  3. Under “I want to import content from:” select WordPress.
the "Import Content" screen with the option to import from WordPress.
  1. On the next screen, enter the public site address for your self-hosted WordPress site.
The Import from WordPress screen with the option to enter the site address of your self-hosted site and "Continue"
  1. Click Continue.

The Importer will check to make sure:

  • Jetpack 7.9 or higher is installed on the self-hosted site
  • The site has a plugin-enabled plan

If either of those criteria is not met, the Everything option will be unavailable, and the Content only option will be your only choice.

Above the import type selection, you will see a message explaining why the Everything option is unavailable, like in this example below:

The Import from WordPress screen with the option to import everything grayed out because Jetpack is not installed on the self-hosted site.

In this example, the Everything option is unavailable with the message “You need to have Jetpack installed on your site to be able to import everything. Install Jetpack.” If you see this message, click the Install Jetpack option to install the (free) Jetpack plugin on your self-hosted site.

Once all criteria are met, you will be able to select the Everything option.

The Import from WordPress screen with the option to import everything selected and an arrow pointing to "Continue".
  1. The option to import Everything will be selected by default. Click Continue to move to the next screen.
  2. You’ll have one more chance to review the source site, the site the content will be imported to, and an important message about what will happen next.
The import confirmation screen confirming that you want to start the import.

Clicking Import Everything will overwrite everything on the site you are importing to. Including:

  • All posts, pages, comments, and media
  • All users and roles
  • Theme, plugins, and settings
  1. If you agree, click Import Everything and then click Import and overwrite to start the import process.
The final warning that using Import Everything will overwrite the content of the site you are importing to.

You will receive a notification when the import is finished. Then, you can review the site to make sure it looks like what you expect.

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Move Your Jetpack Stats and Subscribers

If you want to move your stats and subscribers from your Jetpack-powered site over to your site, please contact us with the URLs of the sites you’re moving from and to.

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