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If you are having problems uploading images then the most likely causes are:

  • The file size of the image is too large.
  • Your connection is slow.
  • There is a problem between your computer and the server. (You do not have a direct line here. Your connection will go through any number of hubs before it gets here and one problem along that line could cause a problem.)
  • Your storage space is full. You can check that by going to Media. You can upgrade to increase storage space.

If your image files are large, you may want to optimize the images before you try uploading them.

To make sure you have a good connection to the server, you can try clearing some of your temporary internet files. See the Browser Issues help page to learn how.


It is best to stick to letters and numbers only. If the file name of your image has other characters they will be removed or replaced with the ‘-‘ symbol.

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Color Profiles

If the colors in your uploaded images appear different from the originals, make sure you are saving your images in sRGB before you upload them. The sRGB color profile will work the best for resized images on the servers. Keep in mind that some sRGB images still may have slight shifts in color when they are resized on the server. If you want to make sure your colors are as close as possible to the original, upload your images in the same dimensions that you’d like to display on your blog and insert them at full size with no image dimensions.

sRGB is a standard default color profile for the web and is the most common color space used by web servers today. Check out this explanation on sRGB vs. Adobe RGB for further details on color profiles.

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