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Note: The instructions from this guide are referring to the Classic Editor. If you are using the WordPress block editor, please see this guide.

When inserting images into your posts and pages, you can have your text wrap around them to promote a more attractive flow of content. This is a snap using the left and right alignment icons in the Classic Editor.

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To begin, place your cursor at the beginning of any paragraph in the current post or page:

Click the Add Media icon above the editing area and insert your image.

After the image appears in the editor, click on the image once, and click either the left or right alignment button to modify the position of the image and how text wraps around it. Here are examples of both:

Left Alignment

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Right Alignment

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Side by Side

If you would like to see images appear side by side on the same line, put the images next to each other and give them both either left or right alignment. Make sure the images are small enough that they will both fit on one line, including borders and margins. Otherwise, one of the images will be bumped to the next line. If this happens, you can resize the images so that they can fit side by side.

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No Text Wrapping

If you don’t want the text to wrap around your image, you can remove the left or right alignment from your images. Click the image and select the No Alignment option as shown in this image:

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Decrease Image Size

If text wrapping is giving you a layout issue, we recommend that you decrease the size of the image. By doing so, you’re able to control the flow better to match how you’d like your text and image to appear on screen. Just click and drag the corners of the image to adjust the size.

Adjust the image size by clicking and dragging the corners
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