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Getty Images is a stock photography company with millions of images spanning over a hundred years of photography. The bulk of these images are able to be embedded in websites and blogs freely. Images are also available to be used for publication or other uses when a license is purchased.

Embedding an image with an embed code

1. Browse to the Getty Images website.

2. Find an image you would like to embed on your page, post, or text widget.

3. Put your mouse over the image you would like to use, which will cause a box to appear with the embed option.

4. Click the embed icon if available (some images may be restricted).

5. Copy the code from the box that appears.

6. Paste this code into your post or page using a Custom HTML Block, or a text widget, — it will automatically be converted to a WordPress.com embed code:

HTML Block

Getty Images can no longer be embedded by pasting the URL to the image. Using the Embed Code from Getty Images is the only way the image will display on your site.

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