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Google Integration

There are loads of cool things you can do with all of the cool services Google offers. Here are the ways you can make the most of Google on your blog.

Site/Domain Validation

If you’d like to enable Google’s advanced Search Console , you’ll need to verify your domain first. To do that, we provide a simple tool for entering the meta tags they will provide you with.

XML Sitemaps

When Google (and other search engines) come looking for your fresh content, they will check for a file called a sitemap to tell them where everything is. We generate this file automatically for you, and take care of updating it every time you publish something new. You can read a little more about sitemaps.

Email via Google Workspace (formerly known as G Suite)

If you’ve got a custom domain pointing to your blog, you may choose to set up email so that you can receive mail at We have instructions on how you can do that with Google Workspace.

Embedding Google Content

Google Docs

You can embed Google Docs, including Spreadsheets, Forms and Presentations, directly into your Posts or Pages. Get all of the details you need on our Google Docs page.

Google Maps

Want to show people where something is, or how to get somewhere? Grab a Google Map and embed it right into your Post or Page using these instructions.

Google Calendars

Embedding a Google Calendar is a great way to maintain a schedule or details of upcoming events on your website. You can manage all the entries via Google Calendar, and have them appear immediately on your blog. Check out how to do that on our Google Calendar page.

Can I use Google Analytics?

Google Analytics support is not available for all sites on, but you can add Google Analytics to your site by upgrading to the Premium plan.

Connecting Your Blog to Google+

Google has since deprecated its Google+ service. It is no longer possible to connect your site to a Google+ page. For other social media connections, see our support guide.



You can also use this shortcode to embed your Google Docs spreadsheets, documents, forms, and presentations into your blog by copying and pasting the embed code. For more information on how to use shortcodes, please see this general link.

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