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General Settings

In your website’s General Settings, you can control several aspects of your site, including the title, language, privacy, and more. This guide will explain each setting.

Access Your General Settings

To visit the General Settings:

  1. Visit your site’s dashboard.
  2. On the left side, click on Settings near the bottom

The General Settings page will load first. On the left side, you can then navigate to other settings areas:

Click the links above to view our guide to each settings screen.

Settings, with options expanded for General, Writing, Reading, and more.

Update Your Site Profile

Video Transcript

The first step is to choose a name for your site, which will tell visitors what your site is about.

Once you decide on the perfect name, select your site and choose “Settings” from the navigation menu on the left-hand side.

Enter your site title, then add a tagline to explain what your site is about.

You can also upload or select a site icon, which you’ll see in browser tabs or bookmarks in your web browser.

When you create a site on, you’ll automatically have a site address that includes your site’s name dot WordPress dot com. But you can add a custom site address if you prefer. WordPress dot com will suggest a list of domain names that are available based on the site name you choose. You can search for a different domain name or choose from the list of domains below. Best of all, your domain is free for the first year with any plan.

Your Site Profile includes the following settings you can customize to your liking:

Site Title and Tagline

Your site’s title and tagline are displayed in the tab of a web browser and in the header for most themes:

The site title and tagline are marked with arrows, showing their position in the site header and browser tab.
An example of a site title and tagline shown in the website’s header and browser tab.

Your Site title will also appear in your website’s dashboard and as the sender’s name when your subscribers receive email notifications when you publish a post.

Your site’s title can be anything you’d like to describe your site. It doesn’t have to be the same as your site’s address or your account’s username. It’s recommended to use a cleaned-up version of your address (e.g., myawesomesite can become My Awesome Site) or change it to whatever best reflects your site’s personality and topic succinctly.

The Site tagline is a short description or catchy phrase to describe what your site is about and can be beneficial for SEO.

To change your site’s title or tagline:

  1. Visit your dashboard.
  2. Navigate to Settings → General.
  3. Type the new title and tagline in the boxes provided.
  4. Click the “Save settings” button to commit the change.

You can change these texts as often as you would like. Changing your site title does not change your site address or your domain.

Site Icon

The Site Icon is a small image that is visible next to the site title on the browser tab:

Arrows point to the site icon in the browser tab.
The Site Icon appears in the browser tab and address bar

See our Add a Site Icon guide to learn how to change the site icon and recommended image guidelines.

Site Address

The Site address section shows your site address and provides quick links to:

The site addess options.


The Language setting controls your site’s default language as seen by the public. It sets the language used for certain text elements of your site that you cannot edit directly, e.g., the comments form and some built-in buttons.

The language setting, with English selected.

Each site has its own language setting, so if you have multiple sites associated with your account, each one can have a different language.

The language setting will not translate the text you have written on your site. See options for creating a multi-language site here.

If you select an RTL language (for example, Hebrew), the theme’s layout will mirror itself so that the text can be read properly from right to left.

You can help translate themes into more than 100 languages. Learn how to get started on our translation portal site.

You can also change your Interface Language, which is the language used for your dashboard (not visible to the public.) This is a separate setting from your site’s language.


Set your site’s timezone to the timezone you are based in to ensure scheduled posts and pages are published at your desired time. Using the dropdown, you can select your closest city or choose a specific UTC offset.

Site timezone setting dropdown.


The Privacy settings control who can and cannot view your site:

Site privacy options.

See our Privacy Settings guide to learn what each option means for your site.

Accept a Gift Subscription

With gift subscriptions enabled, a visitor will see a banner at the top of your site to pay to renew your plan and domain when they are close to expiring. Toggle this option off, and no banner will be shown.

See our Gift a Subscription guide to learn more.

All websites display a link to in the footer. You can click the “change footer credit” button to adjust what it says, or remove it entirely on eligible plans.

Visit our Footer Credit Options guide to learn more.

Site Tools

The Site Tools section provides the following options. Click the link to visit our instructions for each topic:

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