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Surveys, polls, and quizzes are a great way to enhance your site with interactive elements. is integrated with Crowdsignal so adding them to your site is very easy. Here is an example using the Poll block:

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Create a Poll with the Poll Block

Directly add and customize a Crowdsignal-powered poll to your site’s content using the Poll block.

  1. Create a post or page in the WordPress editor.
  2. Click the ( + ) sign, or initiate the block search by typing / and search for “poll.”
In the block picker, the Poll block will come up with the title Poll.

Once the Poll block is added, you can add a title, a note (for example, a description or a prompt), and potential answers as well as customize the display settings for the poll. If you have a plugin-enabled site, activate this plugin to use the Poll block.

Create a Survey, Poll, or Quiz on Crowdsignal

Another way to add a poll (or survey or quiz) to your site is to create it through Crowdsignal. The free account at Crowdsignal allows up to 2500 signals. For more about what counts as a signal, please see Crowdsignal’s documentation.

Here are the steps:

1. Go to Crowdsignal and sign up for a free account. You can log in using your account.

2. On your dashboard, click Create New… and then select either survey, poll, quiz, or rating.

In Crowdsignal, you can click Create New to choose if you want to set up a survey, poll, quiz, etc.

3. Create your poll! For more information on this, see their support guide.

4. Once you’re done, click on the Share button at the top, and then select Embed.

In Crowdsignal once the poll is created, Embed is the second option from the left in the Sharing section. It will display a link to copy.

5. Copy the link from the field that displays or click Copy to Clipboard.

6. Go to any post, page, or widget area and paste the link.

Create a Thumbs Up & Down Vote Button

You can use the Vote block to allow your audience to rate your work or express their opinion.

On the left, a voting up button displays a thumbs up and the number 10, showing 10 votes. The thumbs down option is on the right, and shows zero.

Learn more about the Vote block.

Create a New Poll by Email

You can also send polls by email using the WordPress Post by Email feature and the special [poll] shortcode. Full details can be found on the Post by Email support page.


Why aren’t my polls showing up?
Each poll can only be displayed once on a post. So, if you have a poll in a post and in the sidebar, only the first instance of the poll will show. You can show 2 or more different polls on one post, however.

What happens if I hit Crowdsignal’s free plan limit of 2,500 signals?
All your polls, surveys, quizzes or ratings will continue to work, but will not display new submissions in the results. Crowdsignal will still collect all your responses and when you upgrade to a paid plan they will be shown in the reports.

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