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Sometimes you may have a blog that you’ve worked on for a while, but you want to start over. If you’d like a clean slate, you have two options.

Empty your site

If you want a fresh start on your site, you can delete all of your content from your site and still keep your current address (such as

Bulk Actions

You can use the WP Admin dashboard to edit your site’s content in bulk, including deleting all the content. You can get to this dashboard by adding /wp-admin to the end of your site’s url (e.g.:

Search for the appropriate item on the left menu.

  • Posts → All Posts
  • Pages → All Pages
  • Posts → Categories
  • Posts → Tags
  • Media → Library → (select list icon instead of squares)

Select the items you want to delete with the checkbox, then the appropriate action from the “Bulk Actions” dropdown, and click “Apply” button.

Specific Instructions

Detailed instructions, with screenshots, below:

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Create a new blog

Your other option is to create a brand new blog, with a new address, under your existing account. There is no limit on how many blogs a user can have on

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