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Embedding Ebooks

Over six million free digital books are available online through The Internet Archive’s Text Archive (Archive.org) and Open Library, an initiative of The Internet Archive.

You can embed these books in a WordPress.com blog so that your visitors can read the books without even leaving your blog!

First, find a book listing. For example, on archive.org, this is the listing for a book called An Experiment with Time:

Go to the column “View the Book” and choose the “Read Online” option at the top.

You will open a new window with the interactive book. Click on the sharing link (the three connected dots) in the upper-right browser window, next to the audio button:

This will open a new pop up window with several links. Choose the “Embed a mini Book Reader” link.

You can then paste that link directly into your blog in the Text editor, and when you save or update the page, the iframe code from that link it will be automatically transformed into a shortcode that looks like the following:

[archiveorg-book AnExperimentWithTime/Dunne-AnExperimentWithTime width=480 height=430]

If you wish, once you have the shortcode in your blog post, you can modify the width and height parameters in that shortcode to change the size of your book embed, with all sizes measured in pixels.

Important note about the Open Library’s eBook lending library: the embed code will work for a book from the eBook lending library, but only while the book is checked out to you, and others will not be able to view the book.

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