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Embedding Ebooks

Over 20,000,000 free digital books are available online through The Internet Archive’s Text Archive ( and Open Library, an initiative of The Internet Archive. You can embed these books in a site so that your visitors can read the books without even leaving your blog!


For Open Library: The embed code will work for a book from the eBook lending library (books that say Borrow instead of Read), but only while the book is checked out to you, and others will not be able to view the book.

To embed any ebook, the first step is to choose the listing that you want. Internet Archive will open the book right away. On Open Library, click Read to open the ebook viewer.

On Open Library, the Read button is located just underneath the book's thumbnail image, on the left side.

Once the book is open, on either site, click the Share this item button below the book.

A pop-up will appear with some social media buttons and two codes. For, use the bottom code, which is already set up as a shortcode. Copy this code:

To embed the book, copy this into a Shortcode block on any post or page on your site.

Once you Preview or Publish your page or post, it will display the book on your site, like this:

Additional Information

  • If you do not see the Share this item button as described above, you may need to exit Full-Screen or Theater mode.
  • You can also access the shortcode from the three dots on the top left when viewing any ebook.
  • Once you have the shortcode in your blog post, you can modify the width and height parameters in that shortcode to change the size of your book embed, with all sizes measured in pixels.

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